Quality Dental Implants & Dentures – Canberra

Quality Dental Implants & Dentures – Canberra

Hobart Place Dental provides quality dental implants and dentures in Canberra City. Our dentists work with an external periodontist to deliver these complex dental solutions. We source our dental implants from world-class manufacturer Straumann – a Swiss company specialising in implant, regenerative, and aesthetic dentistry. Our dentures are manufactured in various high-precision dental laboratories.

Dental Implants – Canberra

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots made from titanium or porcelain. They take the place of natural tooth roots that have rotted or died. Crowns, bridges, and dentures can be attached to dental implants.

How are dental implants placed in the mouth?

Dental implants are inserted by a periodontist (dental specialist) into the jawbone. The dental implants then undergo osseointegration – a natural “fusing” process involving the implants and jawbone. In other words, the dental implants become “one” with the jawbone.

How long does osseointegration take?

Osseointegration takes between 2 and 3 months. Once completed, the crowns, bridge, or dentures (if applicable) can be attached. Our dentists will take you through the process for dental implants at our Canberra City clinic.

How long does the dental implant process take?

Once osseointegration has taken place, our dentist will measure and fit the crowns, bridge, or dentures. Given that restorations (crowns, bridges, dentures) take time to produce, the overall process can take from 3 to 6 months.

Should I choose titanium or porcelain dental implants?

Our dentists will usually make this decision. Titanium dental implants are prescribed for most of our Canberra patients. Where a patient has serious gum recession issues, porcelain dental implants are used.

Why Straumann dental implants?

Straumann sets the standard for dental implants in Canberra and across the world. Straumann’s titanium and porcelain dental implants are strong, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion.

Dentures – Canberra

What are dentures?

Dentures are false teeth that can be removed and cleaned. Dentures are typically made from acrylic resin, which is coloured to match any existing teeth.

Are there different kinds of dentures?

Yes, there are. We provide three kinds of dentures at our Canberra City clinic: full dentures, partial acrylic dentures, and partial chromium dentures. As the names suggest, full dentures replace all the teeth in the upper or lower mouth, whereas partial dentures replace a small number of teeth.

What is the process for dentures in Canberra?

The process for dentures in Canberra is fairly straightforward. Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums, then take an x-ray (if required). Following this initial stage, our dentist will extract any teeth requiring removal. Once your mouth has healed, impressions are taken to manufacture the dentures.

What are temporary dentures?

Temporary dentures are a short-term solution until your permanent dentures are ready. Our dentists produce temporary dentures on-site at our Canberra City clinic.

How do you clean dentures?

A special denture cleanser (that’s brushed on and rinsed off) is used to clean dentures and remove any bacteria. Patients with dentures in Canberra should also clean their gums, tongue, remaining teeth, and the roof of their mouth with normal toothpaste.

Why are dentures placed in water overnight?

Patients who remove their dentures at night in Canberra need to put them in a glass of water (to avoid drying out, warping, and cracking).

For further information on dental implants and dentures in Canberra, please call (02) 6247 9230.